Solar Power for Your Commercial Property

Going green has never been better for your bottom line.

Going green is more than just a fad. It is a smart choice for your business that can bolster your reputation in the public eye and save you money for years to come. Investing in solar power can showcase your commitment to going green while making a strong impact on your bottom line. United Solar can help you explore your options for commercial solar power systems, which are scalable for any commercial operation from small businesses to national corporations.

Why Convert Your Business to Solar?

In any corporation, there is a common goal: Reducing the bottom line. Solar power is a smart switch, because it can make a substantial dent in one of the resources that all businesses use most. Solar is a particularly ideal solution for manufacturing, data centers, and other corporations with large-scale energy needs. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of converting to solar that might incentivize your business to make the switch.

Tax Credits

The financial benefits of solar power are almost immediately seen with corporate tax breaks on the state and federal level. Tax credits may total up to $100,000 in the first year, but benefits are always changing, so it is ideal to take advantage sooner rather than later.

Lower Operating Costs

Along with initial tax breaks that can supplement the costs of solar panel installation, you can expect to see long-term savings with lower overall operating costs.

Improved Reputation

Public image will always have an impact on corporate success, and solar energy can improve a business’s reputation by showing a commitment to protecting the environment and moving toward energy independence.

Bonus Depreciation

Solar owners by claim depreciation of half of their system after it’s placed in service under the 50$ Bonus Depreciation guidelines. The other 50% is depreciated using a normal depreciation table.

Why Work with United Solar?

The benefits of solar power are clear, but why should you choose United Solar for your needs? Our dedicated commercial division can show you the advantages of working with our company. This division specializes in corporate energy needs, and it can assist you in identifying the right solutions among leading solar manufacturers in the United States. Contact us today to get started on your solar project planning with our trusted company.

With federal and state tax credits and 50% first-year bonus depreciation, there has never been a better time for corporations to turn to solar energy.

United Solar has a dedicated commercial division, that specializes in working with corporations to find all options available to them.

Contact us today for more information on how we can put more of your money back in your pocket.

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