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We only use the highest quality equipment, and all American made solar panels.

Types of Solar Panels and Inverters

As alternative energy sources become more mainstream throughout the United States, solar power is growing more prevalent for both residential and commercial electrical demands. One of the most distinctive advantages of solar power is the scalability of this power source, which can range from minimal setups to power pool heaters or small generators to large, industrial solar fields that power entire factories. In solar setups on any scale, there are two essential components that each system must include: Solar panels and inverters. Working with United Solar will provide you with the opportunity to select the right panels and inverters for the needs of your residential or commercial property, but you can get a better idea of what these technologies are and how they work by reading on.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels acquire the fuel for solar power systems using photovoltaic cells that harness the sun’s energy. They do this by creating an electrical field, which has a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the surface. As photons of sunlight agitate electrons, they move through the electric field, and conductive metal plates collect these electrons and transfer them to wires. This establishes a flow of electrons like you would see with any source of electricity, but it is not yet ready to power common appliances and electrical systems.

How Inverters Work

Photovoltaic cells in solar panels create electricity with a direct current, or DC, output, but the standard for commercial and residential appliances is alternating current, or AC. Inverters play the role of inverting power from DC to AC so that it becomes usable for on- and off-grid solar systems. Inverters can range from very basic units to complex systems, depending on the capacity of the system as well as the need to connect to the regional power grid. Inverters can be the costliest components of a solar installation, but technology is improving to reduce the prohibitive costs of transitioning to solar power. In fact, it is recent innovations in inverters, rather than solar panels themselves, that has increased the accessibility of solar power and curbed the overall costs of installation.

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Your Needs

Working with a trusted solar resource like United Solar will ensure that you make a smart investment with American-manufactured equipment with a 25-year performance guarantee. We offer two leading brands for you to choose from, which integrate leading technologies to increase your solar output without exceeding your installation budget.

  • Solar World – Solar World is an established leader in solar power with more than 40 years in the business. Solar panels from Solar World are rigorously tested in all environmental conditions to ensure an outstanding performance in high heat, snowy winters, hail storms, and rainy days. In addition to end product testing, Solar World boasts rigorous standards for backsheet, safety glass, and solar cell materials in their panels. With their selection of microinverters, Solar World systems become very easy to manage with online monitoring through their Suntrol Internet Portal.
  • SunPower – SunPower solar panels look different from many others on the market, because they utilize unique technology in their Maxeon cells. These cells do not have the lines of metal paste seen on most solar cells, which can erode and diminish the performance of the cells over time. They are constructed with solid copper backing and thick connectors to absorb more sunlight, offer a distinctly modern rooftop appearance, and last for many more years than conventional solar panels.

As you consider making the switch to solar, connect with United Solar for an energy consultation. We can introduce you to the best equipment for your energy demands while helping you take advantage of financial incentives to reduce your costs.

Solar Panels of the Highest Caliber

By using only the highest quality, all American made solar panels, with a 25 year performance guarantee, we are able to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction.​

Solar World is America’s largest solar manufacturer, and has been in business for more than 40 years.

Solar Inverters of the Highest Caliber

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