How It Works and Cost

Solar Panels for Your Home

With our turn-key operations, we take care of you every step of the way.

How it works.

  1. Sun hits panels, creating DC electricity.
  2. Solar inverter converts DC power into AC power for your lights, television, computers, etc.
  3. Excess power is sent to the grid, crediting your monthly bill.

Our professional and courteous solar consultants, project management team and installers will walk you through every step along the way. We work with your city or county, and your utility provider, so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is decide that solar is the right idea for you!

Two ways to pay, with options that work with any budget.

Cash Purchase

Own the system outright, and enjoy the energy savings immediately! Then enjoy the federal and state tax credits as they come back to you, and any applicable rebates that may also be available to you.​

We cover installation, permitting fees, interconnection fees, and all labor with one, easy to manage payment schedule.

$0 down Loan

Every home is different, so we offer a wide range of financing options to best suit every individual’s needs. Most loans come with $0 down, with low interest rates for a variety of terms.

We cover installation, permitting fees, interconnection fees, and all labor in one, easy to manage payment schedule.

The initial investment in a residential solar system varies greatly from home to home because no two situations are exactly alike. The size of the system is ultimately what will determine the investment, and this is influenced by several factors including the home’s historical electric usage, the extent to which one can fully realize the available tax credits, and the available space to install the system.​

In order to fully evaluate your individual needs, we’ll send an experienced solar consultant to your home who will be able to establish exactly how much we can save you, and how much the full investment will be. This is a completely free service that we offer, and there is never any pressure, or obligation to make a commitment. Click here to schedule your appointment today.

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